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  • Geography: Kashmir is divided into three major regions: Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan-administered Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan, which is under Pakistan's control. There's also the Aksai Chin region controlled by China, which is part of the broader Kashmir dispute.
  • History: The Kashmir region has a rich history dating back to ancient times. It has been ruled by various dynasties and empires, including the Mauryan, Gupta, Mughal, and Sikh empires.
  • Going to the places, people have always heard of, is something travelers fantasize about a lot. But you can’t just sit there fantasizing about the Kashmir trip instead of planning one! As soon as you start planning, you would think of someone who can draft for you the best Kashmir trip itinerary. This blog will curate the same for you, effortlessly.

Table of Content

  • Why a trip to Kashmir is a must?
  • Day 1: Srinagar Arrival| Shikara Ride
  • Day 2: Gulmarg| Local sightseeing
  • Day 3: Pahalgam| Local sightseeing
  • Day 4: Drive to Srinagar| Local sightseeing
  • Day 5: Yousmarg Local Excursion

Why a trip to Kashmir is a must?

  • When anyone thinks about visiting Kashmir, the imagination majorly stops at the images of snow-capped mountains and beautiful valleys. You might not be missing anything but the intrepid adventurer in you might be missing the experience of visiting a place consisting of incredible mountains and Himalayan lakes, tangerine sunsets and clear nights, aromatic cuisines, and much more. Kashmir is more than a destination; it is an experience of a lifetime. The only way the adventurer in you can experience all of this is if you’re there.

Why the best Kashmir trip itinerary is the only thing you need?

  • The beauty of this paradise attracts many tourists to visit Kashmir, but not everyone knows how to do so. There are abundant attractions in Kashmir and it may be tough for one to plan a trip including all the major attractions and activities. A great way most people save their time and money is by going through an informative itinerary to make the best out of their trip.An itinerary bestows backpackers with all the information they need throughout their journey. From planning to execution, it specifies every single thing in detail.Let’s start with our 5 days Kashmir trip itinerary!

Day 1: Srinagar Arrival| Shikara Ride

Srinagar is an ideal location to commence your journey to the exquisite Kashmir. It is a great tourist place and offers varieties of things to experience. Other than that the fact that Srinagar can be visited anytime from summer to winter makes it more worthy of being visited. There are innumerable activities and one can easily choose their cup of tea among them. Some of them are listed below.

  • Shikara Ride in the pristine Dal Lake.
  • Paragliding near Harwan Gardens in Astanmarg
  • Visit scenic places like Dal lake, Mahadev peak, etc
  • Get a floating experience with Shikaras.
  • Indulge in Kashmir Great Lakes Trek and Tarsar Marsar Trek.
  • Explore local markets and religious places like Pardrethan temple, Shankaracharya temple, and Jamia Masjid mosque.
  • Enjoy the beautiful view while bird watching

Day 2: Gulmarg| Local sightseeing

Gulmarg is a marvelous spot in the Baramulla region of Jammu and Kashmir and is frequently perceived as the “heartland of winter sports in India”. This day can be counted as the most adventurous one for your trip. You can get your hands on several activities within a day.

  • Gondola rides.
  • Mountain biking.
  • Skiing at Apharwat Peak
  • Trekking to Alpather Lake
  • Golfing at the highest Gulmarg Golf Course.
  • Enjoy the view at Single Nallah, temples and other places.
  • Pony ride at Khilanmarg.

Day 3: Pahalgam| Local sightseeing

Pahalgam has to be the next in your Kashmir trip itinerary. This hill station can’t wait anymore for you to see it. With Pahalgam, you will be entering the most breathtaking location of your trip. The holy site of the Amarnath Yatra pilgrimage makes Pahalgam a spiritual place and adds importance to the place. You can dive yourself into the relaxing environment and glorious valleys.

  • Beautiful Saffron Fields in Pampore
  • Kolahoi Glaciers
  • Betaab valley in the evening
  • Aru Valley for its beautiful and scenic view
  • Chandanwadi, the starting point for the Amarnath Yatra

Day 4: Drive to Srinagar| Local sightseeing

Save day 4 of your Kashmir trip for the local sightseeing at Srinagar because that’s something you can’t miss. There are so many sites that one can never visit every place within a day. That’s the reason for Day 4 to be in Srinagar again! Apart from the activities that you experienced on Day 1, the rest can be accomplished today. You can visit the most prominent Mughal Gardens and other nearby places in one go.

Day 5: Yousmarg Local Excursion

And the day comes to explore the hidden gem of our Kashmir Trip, Yousmarg Valley. It is known for its pristine water bodies, green pastures and peaceful environs. So no way to miss this out! However, if the weather turns out to be unfavourable for visiting Yousmarg, need not worry, you can head to Sonmarg. It is another beautiful place to spend your time in.